Deck of the Day: Blue Tron (Modern)

Tron is back, baby! OK, I’m not really sure it ever left, but Modern has seen a huge rise in the popularity of Tron lands. Not only is Eldrazi Tron a major player in the format, but ramping out Karns and big spells to go with Ancient Stirrings is a way to get the job done. So how about an old favorite in Blue Tron?

By playing blue instead of green, you lose one of the best cards in Modern in Ancient Stirrings, so you’re going to need to make sure you have good alternatives. The biggest addition is real card draw. Stirrings is insane, and Chromatic Spheres and Stars certainly work, but Thirst for Knowledge is on another level. You’re playing tons of artifacts already, so you should get max value out of your Thirst, and this will dig you deeper into lands and threats to explode onto the battlefield. Gifts Ungiven gives you some additional advantage and selection.

You also get interaction at its best thanks to the mana advantage Tron can produce. Condescend is a good piece of countermagic as you can use it early to stop someone curving out and late to stop anything once Tron is online. Getting to scry to set up your draw is a big benefit in a deck like this. You also get to Repeal anything that may come down while drawing more cards.

Remand gives you time to set up your big mana and draws you deeper to your answers. Cyclonic Rift can function as early interaction or a game winner once you can overload. Bouncing their entire board is massive in a lot of matchups and the tempo alone is hard to recover from.

Expedition Map is great to see early and late. You have Tron lands to search up, and finding Academy Ruins later in the game will set up your lock.

Academy Ruins provides the option to Mindslaver lock your opponent. It isn’t cheap, but it does immediately win the game. Casting Mindslaver every turn means that your opponent can never do anything, and sometimes the first Mindslaver is just enough to kill them on the spot should they have enough painful spells (I’m looking at you, Death’s Shadow and Ad Nauseam).

You have a handful of ways to help clean up the board. Engineered Explosives for smaller numbers can clear out tokens or small creatures, while Oblivion Stone can just take out the entire world. Once Tron is online, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon can sweep the board and just end the game.

You have a whole bunch of situational 1-ofs in your creature slots. The cheaper ones include Trinket Mage and Treasure Mage. Trinket Mage can get a Map, Chalice of the Void, or Engineered Explosives, while Treasure Mage has a number of big targets to search up. Snapcaster Mage can bring back some of your countermagic, Repeals, or get you another Thirst. Solemn Simulacrum ramps you and gets some card advantage.

For the later stages of the game, you have Walking Ballista (also can get this with Trinket Mage) to wipe the board or kill an opponent, Wurmcoil Engine to get you back in the game, and Sundering Titan to annihilate someone’s mana. Platinum Angel is lights-out in a number of matchups as losing the game is no longer an option and you have enough countermagic to protect your Angel from the few removal spells that could otherwise ruin your day.

Tron is tier 1, but that doesn’t mean that you need to play the traditional colorless or green cards. Blue Tron was a deck I used to pilot to great fun and success, and it hasn’t lost a step!

Blue Tron

SHOKTROOPA, Top 4 in an MTGO Modern Challenge

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