There are many great ways to use energy in Standard, and Aetherworks Marvel is at the top of the list.

Aetherworks Marvel allows you to spin the wheel whenever you get to 6 energy and cast whatever you find. That could be card draw, energy enablers—or a giant Eldrazi that will put the game away. It costs only 4 mana to cast and you can activate it the turn it enters the battlefield if you meet the energy requirement, so it’s well situated to defeat even the fastest of decks.

You’ll want cards that help you stay alive, dig for your important pieces, and help hit your energy goals. The Puzzleknots do all of these things. Woodweaver’s Puzzleknot is a 2-card combo with Marvel that can come down on turn 2, be sacrificed on turn 3, and now you’ve gained a 6-point life buffer to work with for your active turn-4 Marvel. Glassblower’s Puzzleknot won’t give you quite the same energy boost, but scrying will help you find Marvel. If you already have Marvel, the Puzzleknot can help make sure you have the card you want to hit on top of your library.

With all of these artifacts sitting around, Metallic Rebuke is the perfect card to stop your opponent’s interaction or fast threats. You can often cast it off a single mana, making it a premium counter.

Another use for all of these artifacts is Inspiring Statuary. While the Statuary won’t help you cast your other artifacts, it does allow you to play some big payoff cards or maximize your mana usage every turn.

The biggest payoff to hit with Marvel is Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. It’s a massive creature, wins the game in a couple of attacks even through blockers, and will exile your opponent’s most important permanents even if it’s countered or removed. With Inspiring Statuary, you even have a back-up plan to help hard cast it.

There’s also Nissa’s Renewal, which Statuary help cast on turn 4 to gain a bunch of life and find more lands to make a hardcast turn-5 Ulamog a reality.

With all of these artifacts, Glint-Nest Crane is likely to hit something valuable, which was certainly not the case with the versions of Marvel played at Pro Tour Kaladesh. Rogue Refiner is the perfect creature to dig deeper, block or attack planeswalkers, and pump up your energy.

Foundry Inspector is an odd inclusion, but it makes Metallic Rebuke truly excellent and can be a mana source with Inspiring Statuary!

To handle creatures, you have life gain, creatures to block with, and Ulamog to even the playing field. If that wasn’t enough, the Bant colors give you access to Aether Meltdown (perfect for dealing with even an uncrewed Heart of Kiran while adding energy) and Fumigates to clear the field!

Marvel is still one of the most powerful things you can do in Standard, even if Emrakul is no longer legal. The artifact synergies and Ulamog give this deck all of the tools needed to compete at the highest levels.

Bant Marvel

CAPRICCIOSO, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League