A little bit of a control deck with a dash of a ramp deck: Bant Bounty of the Luxa gets to play some of the sweetest cards in Standard.

Bounty of the Luxa has seen sporadic play, but it hasn’t been an established player in the metagame. You’re paying 4 mana for an enchantment that has no impact on the board the turn you cast it, so you need to have some great early defense and lots of ways to take advantage of both abilities. To do that, you have some expensive spells to make use of that mana production, and the extra cards will help make sure that you can get there.

The win conditions in this deck aren’t plentiful. In fact, the creature suite includes just 2 Thraben Inspector, and there isn’t a planeswalker in sight. While this deck can technically win with damage, it’s a very distant plan B. Instead, you’re leaning hard on Approach of the Second Sun. This is a win condition that helps you stay alive and really utilizes both halves of Bounty. You can ramp into your big sorcery, and Bounty will also help you draw an Approach again quickly. You’re going to need other card draw to make sure you present a reasonable Approach clock, and early interaction to keep you alive long enough to win the game.

Sweepers are the perfect pairing with Approach of the Second Sun. Fumigate is more expensive that sweepers of old, but its life gain mitigates that drawback. Descend upon the Sinful gives you a way to win a game with damage, but more importantly it can exile problematic Zombies and tough creatures from Mono-Red, which is vital in the current metagame.

The rest of the removal is focused on early creatures and answers for tough-to-beat cards like Hazoret the Fervent. Cast Out is slow, but it handles everything on the battlefield and can be cycled when necessary. Blessed Alliance is well positioned against the red decks to handle the God and gain some life. Declaration in Stone can also take out Gods or swarms of tokens for cheap, and Immolating Glare brings yet more early interaction.

Censor is going to be the best counter in this deck as you’re really just looking for early interaction. This deck does incredible things after the first few turns, so Censor has the chance to shine there and then cycle late. Some Disallows to go with an Essence Scatter and Negate allow you additional ways to hard counter the tough-to-deal with spells in the later stages of the game.

Supreme Will is the game-changer. It’s can counter any spell early. It helps dig you to your sweepers, Bounties, or Approach, and can make sure you get to find your second Approach in short order. This is a massive addition to blue control decks out of Hour.

Blue decks have another excellent ramp payoff that can help you get crazy far ahead on cards. Casting it at sorcery speed to fully take advantage of your Bounty (or heaven forbid Bounties) is a drawback, but you have so many sweepers and cheap removal that it won’t always be punishing. A Bounty for 4 is quite strong, but a Bounty for 7+ isn’t losing.

U/W control splashing solely Bounty of the Luxa creates a mana and card advantage machine with lots of payoffs. With its win conditions insusceptible to removal, you gain a big leg up on the competition.

Bant Bounty of the Luxa

SETH2, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League