Deck of the Day: Amulet Bloom (Modern)

Three years ago, Amulet Bloom made a compelling argument for the title of the best deck in Modern. It was also extremely tough to play against as a deck that was capable of winning turn 2 and couldn’t be disrupted by removal spells. This led to the banning of Summer Bloom to prevent the explosive turn-2 starts that could produce 6 or more mana. That didn’t spell the end of the Amulet deck, however. We’ve seen versions floating around that rely on 1-drops and other ways to get additional lands onto the battlefield early, but maybe there’s another Bloom to fill the void.

Lotus Bloom is no Black Lotus, but it’s not that far off either. A Lotus Bloom suspended on turn 1 will get to 6 mana as early as possible—the magic number for an Amulet deck.

Amulet of Vigor still does what Amulet has always done. It plays well with the Ravnica block lands that enter the battlefield tapped, bounce a land, and produce multiple mana. It also happens to play well with Primeval Titan.

Primeval Titan is your primary win condition, and it can end the game in a single turn. With an Amulet on the battlefield, you can search up a Boros Garrison and a Slayer’s Stronghold with the Primeval Titan’s enter-the-battlefield trigger. They will untap, and you can use them to pump the Titan and give it haste. This gives you another trigger when you attack, and with enough mana, you have the option to get Vesuva to copy a Boros Garrison and a Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion to give your 8-power Titan double strike. With more mana or more Amulets, you can continue to deal more and more damage.

With a deck that relies so heavily on Primeval Titan, Summoner’s Pact is vital to find your key card consistently. This also allows you to play a Tolaria West package to give you tutors for your tutors. Tolaria West can go get bouncelands or a Summoner’s Pact to find Titan. You also have the option to find Slaughter Pact and kill a key creature, Pact of Negation to make sure they can’t disrupt your combo, or Engineered Explosives to sweep up problematic permanents. You can also get a Lotus Bloom, although the cost of transmuting plus suspend makes that a bit unlikely.

The other card you can transmute for, outside of the other lands in the deck, is Walking Ballista. You can cast Ballista for large numbers with your Amulets and enough lands on the battlefield, but this also gives you early interaction and a mana sink.

If you don’t have an early Lotus Bloom, Azusa, Lost but Seeking is a great way to get ahead on mana. This can let you cast an early Primeval Titan, and you can Summoner’s Pact for her. The final Summoner’s Pact target gets you back from tough spots in Hornet Queen. The Queen floods the board with blockers that can take down heavy-hitters, or it can win the game by attacking for large chunks in the air.

Ancient Stirrings makes these decks work. This can find bouncelands when needed, but you’re more likely looking for your Amulets and your Blooms. Being able to find a Bloom turn 1 to suspend is amazing, and making sure that you find Amulet more consistently is so important to the deck. You have an extra copy of Serum Visions as a poor man’s Stirrings.

Bloom isn’t gone, but it has to adapt. While Lotus Bloom is no Summer Bloom here, the power of Amulet is still there and you need to be prepared for this deck!

Amulet Bloom

PUNTTHENWHINE, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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