Deck of the Day: Abzan Tokens

One deck that has been putting up a ton of results on Magic Online—many of which have come from the same player, SilentTrigger—is Abzan Tokens. This is an excellent midrange deck that actually locks players out by gaining so much life that they can’t get through on the ground to beat them.

Legion’s Landing is a game changer for token strategies. A 1/1 lifelinking token for 1 mana isn’t the most exciting card in the world, but Adanto, the First Fort is amazing. Not only does this give you another land, but it provides fantastic inevitability. Kjeldoran Outpost was an excellent win condition in the early years of Magic, and instead of making you sacrifice a land to create 1/1s each turn, this thing creates a new land and your tokens have lifelink. Trying to get through an Adanto isn’t easy, and you’ll be gaining life all the while.

Anointed Procession is a big part of how these decks work. You’re actually playing few creatures, which might be surprising for anyone who has tried to build decks using Legion’s Landing. You need to attack with 3 creatures just to get a flip, but tokens allow you to go wide. Anointed Processions stack well, and eventually you will be making 4 or more tokens every turn, locking your opponent out of winning before you swarm them to death.

Anointer Priest is a way to take advantage of all of these tokens. Not only is this a strong blocker against aggro decks, but you really don’t mind the Priest going to the graveyard. Using embalm to make a token is great, and with Procession out you get multiple Priest tokens, each creating multiple triggers, and you can go from 1 to 100 very quickly. Sacred Cat gives you a little more embalm action and an early road block before you have Processions online to go Cat crazy.

Hidden Stockpile may be the most important card in the deck. It’s a constant source of tokens as it can enable revolt itself and you have lands like Evolving Wilds to get started early. It’s also a great way to control your draw steps as the Abzan colors definitely have trouble with card advantage and selection. Hidden Stockpile can give you enough scrys that you’re drawing important cards when the time is right.

Renegade Map lets you go slightly lower in the land count, fix your mana, and trigger revolt. A turn-1 Map allows you to get your Stockpile going as early as turn 2, and triggering revolt on command is always useful for spells like Fatal Push.

Your removal suite centers around some great spot removal in Fatal Push, a versatile catchall in Cast Out, and an awesome sweeper in Fumigate. The tempo from Push and the life from Fumigate give you lots of time to set up, and cards like Anointed Procession and Hidden Stockpile will grant you a formidable attack force immediately afterward. Sweeping away your creatures just means that you’re going to make more tokens or embalm the creatures you lost for even more value. Cast Out gives some extra answers to indestructible creatures and planeswalkers, and can be cycled early when needed.

Vraska, Relic Seeker is an awesome Magic card and the reason that this otherwise B/W tokens deck stretches into playing green. Vraska comes down and can simply dominate a board. This can serve as multiple removal spells for hard-to-deal-with or evasive threats while your tokens hold down the fort. It’s also an additional token producer for Anointed Processions to load the board up with Pirate tokens. Finally, Vraska is your finisher. You can make some tokens while ticking Vraska up, use the ultimate a couple short turns later, and easily finish an opponent off from 1. This is also a mirror breaker where it’s more than possible to approach four-digit life totals!

Abzan Tokens has been turning lots of heads and putting up a lot of results online. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue to make waves going forward!

Abzan Tokens


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