The Tron lands are major players in the Modern format, so it’s no surprise they would make for some powerful Pauper strategies. Combining Urza’s Power Plant, Urza’s Mine, and Urza’s Tower will immediately ramp you up to 7 mana. The question is how to consistently get there and what to do once you’ve established Tron.

The blue card draw and selection in Pauper is quite strong, but you’re also playing a deck with 12 lands that only produce colorless mana. This means that cards like Brainstorm, Preordain, and Ponder are not what you’re looking for.

Instead, early creatures like Sea Gate Oracle help provide your Tron pieces or your finishers while also giving you a nice blocker in the early game. Mulldrifter is a Divination with legs. You can cast it early to get ahead on cards, or you can wait until you have 5+ mana and get a 2/2 flying creature out of the deal.

This deck is looking to get out a Fangren Marauder as early as possible, and surviving long enough that the big green Beast can take over is paramount. Once the Marauder is in play, you have plenty of ways to start cashing in for large amounts of life. Gaining 5 life every time an artifact is put into the graveyard can ramp your life total up to massive numbers real quick, and with a 5/5 to hold down the fort or start attacking with, that’s a great place to be.

Chromatic Sphere and Chromatic Star help to make sure that you have access to whatever color you may need. While this is just a Temur deck in the main 60, you have access to white and black cards in the sideboard thanks to the fantastic fixing. The Chromatic artifacts allow you to play Tron lands in the early stages without hampering your ability to play colored spells, and they cycle for a low cost. Gaining 5 life per sacrifice once a Marauder is in play (or 10+ life with more Marauders) will put the opponent away quickly.

Expedition Map gives you another artifact to sacrifice for Marauder while helping you find Tron pieces. Curving Map into sacrificing it with two different Tron lands gives you access to 7 mana on turn 3, and with cards like Chromatic Sphere/Star in your deck, you can start casting Fangren Marauders on turn 3.

Prophetic Prism provides more card drawing and fixing at a cheap cost. A turn-3 Tron can still enable you to cast a Prophetic Prism and get on the board with a Mulldrifter, giving this deck access to some crazy draws.

Ancient Stirrings isn’t quite as powerful here as it is in Modern, as most of the finishers are not colorless unlike Karn and Ugin, but it’s still excellent. It finds Tron pieces or any other land, all your Stars, Map, and Prisms. It also finds one of your finishers in Ulamog’s Crusher should you already have lots of mana available.

Your early interaction has you relying pretty heavily on Firebolt. It kills most early drops in the format and offers some card advantage with the flashback. For the late game, your finisher is Rolling Thunder. This is a great finisher in a deck capable of making 20+ mana, but it can also clear the board in the early-to-middle stages of the game when a deck like Delver or Elves might start to go wide on the board.

Pulse of Murasa provides a little extra life gain and extra value with cards like Mulldrifter that you might want to evoke. Survival is still the name of the game, and 6 is a lot of life in a format where many decks turn to Bolt for reach.

The Tron lands are capable of some pretty powerful draws in all formats, and Pauper is no exception. With some big mana payoffs and cheap artifacts that draw cards and fix your mana, this is a truly powerful weapon!

5C Tron

FUNKYDUDE787, 5-0 in an MTGO Pauper League