Put on your thinking caps! In all of today’s puzzles, you have just entered your first main phase, your opponent is completely tapped out, and the question is: How to win the game this turn?

A Jund Puzzle

Modern Jund puzzle

  1. Cast Collective Brutality, choosing all three modes. Target Fulminator Mage with the -2/-2 effect, and discard Liliana of the Veil and Night of Souls’ Betrayal to pay for escalate.
  2. In response to Collective Brutality, sacrifice your Fulminator Mage to destroy your own Overgrown Tomb.
  3. Play Nihil Spellbomb, sacrificing it to exile your opponent’s graveyard.
  4. Play Blackcleave Cliffs.
  5. Attack with all 3 Tarmogoyfs.
  6. When the opponent activates Blinkmoth Nexus, quickly Tarfire it before it can block.
  7. 2 Tarmogoyfs go unblocked. Since they’re 8/9 and your opponent is at 16 thanks to Collective Brutality, we deal lethal damage.

A Bant Eldrazi Puzzle

Modern Bant Eldrazi puzzle

  1. Tap 2 Noble Hierarch to cast Blessed Alliance, targeting your opponent with the “gain 4 life” effect.
  2. Tap 2 Eldrazi Temple and the Forest to cast Reality Smasher.
  3. Attack for 14.

An Affinity Puzzle

Modern Affinity puzzle

  1. Tap Mox Opal for mana, then sacrifice it to Arcbound Ravager (2 counters).
  2. Cast Mox Opal. Tap it and all lands for mana.
  3. Cast Master of Etherium and Arcbound Ravager.
  4. Cast Hangarback Walker and both Walking Ballistas, all for X=0.
  5. Activate Steel Overseer. You now have an old Arcbound Ravager (3 counters) and a summoning sick Arcbound Ravager (2 counters).
  6. Sacrifice Cranial Plating to the summoning sick Arcbound Ravager (3 counters).
  7. Sacrifice the summoning sick Arcbound Ravager to the old Arcbound Ravager (which will go up to 4 counters), targeting a Walking Ballista with the modular (which also goes up to 4 counters).
  8. Remove four +1/+1 counters from Walking Ballista to shoot both Goblin Guides.
  9. Sacrifice Steel Overseer, Hangarback Walker, the resulting Thopter, the Walking Ballista with 0 counters, Mox Opal, and Master of Etherium to Arcbound Ravager (10 counters).
  10. Attack for 10, putting your opponent to 11.
  11. Sacrifice Arcbound Ravager to itself, moving 10 counters onto the 1/1 Walking Ballista.
  12. Ping your opponent 11 times with Walking Ballista for the win.