An Interview With Bryan Gottlieb

Bryan Gottlieb is the host of the Arena Decklists and Head GAMs podcasts. Bryan is also a trained lawyer and play-by-play commentator for Star City Games.

In this in-depth conversation, we discuss:

  • Bryan’s content creation “state of the union,” about achievements & future-looking goals
  • The great conspiracy of Seattle, WA
  • Drudge Skeletons: the Bryan Gottlieb origin story
  • Bryan’s wife’s impact on his career & life choices

Listen to it here:

Humans of Magic is a series of deep and personal interviews with the brilliant minds of Magic. The focus is always on the things that matter most to each guest — personal growth, family, passions, and the competitive mindset.

To learn more about the project and win a copy of the new Humans of Magic book, visit humansofmagic.com.

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