7 What’s the Play Situations

Hello! This article was originally meant to be a “Keep or Cycle?” article, but I found myself in some spots during Drafts that made me think, and I thought it would be interesting to include them as well. The basic premise is that I present you a scenario and a poll, usually with two options, and you select which choice you’d make. Then tomorrow, I’m going to reveal my answers and you can check to see if your play matches mine or the public’s.

Scenario #1

You’re playing an aggressive R/W deck with a lot of exert and a somewhat low curve (seven 2-drops, seven 3-drops, and two 5-drops).

Click to enlarge.

It’s the end of the opponent’s turn.

Do you cycle Djeru’s Resolve?


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Scenario #2

You’re playing the same R/W deck. You’re on the draw, you both mulligan, and your opponent keeps their card on top. You scry into a Plains.

Do you keep it?


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Scenario #3

You’re playing an aggressive B/R deck. You have 17 lands and 3 cycling Deserts, and your curve is overall low. You have two 5-drops and a 7-drop. You’re on the draw and this is your turn 1.

Do you play your Desert?



Scenario #4

You’re playing the same deck. You’re on the draw against an R/G deck, and this is your turn 2.

What’s your play?

Desert, pass.
Mountain, Camel.
Mountain, pass intending to cycle Wander in Death.

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Scenario #5

You’re playing the same deck against an U/W opponent. You lead with a Camel and it’s now your turn 3 on the play. You just drew a Mountain.

(It’s arguable whether the turn-2 land should have been Swamp or Grasping Dunes, but it’s too late for that one.)

Do you play Bloodrage Brawler? If yes, what do you discard?

Don’t play it.
Play it, discard Swamp.
Play it, discard Torment of Venom.
Play it, discard Splendid Agony.
Play it, discard Gilded Cerodon.

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Scenario #6

You’re playing a slow U/W deck. Your deck has 3 Farm // Market and a plethora of late game, including an Oketra, two 7-drops, and an Hour of Eternity.

It’s your turn 3, you play a Fan Bearer and your opponent responds with Tragic Lesson (for some reason). They discard an Island (not pictured).

Do you play your Cunning Survivor?


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Scenario #7

You’re playing game 2 of the same matchup, and your opponent is, indeed, playing a very slow deck himself as well.

Do you cycle your Striped Riverwinder turn 1?



So, what are your plays? Vote in the polls and let me know in the comments!


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