I’ve been waiting so many years for Unstable, and as far as I can tell, the set is going to be a big hit. It looks incredible for Limited, and the cards seem like they were made to be played instead of just read and laughed at. (I’m looking at you, nearly every card in Unhinged!)

I’m especially excited about Unstable for Commander. In a kitchen table setting, or with a reasonably consistent playgroup at an LGS, it should be no trouble for people to settle on which silver-bordered cards are acceptable in that group. I’m personally looking forward to creating a monster factory with Grusilda, confounding the table with a Rules Lawyer, heading to AskUrza.com, or swapping out my Very Cryptic Command for a different one between each game, so long as my friends will permit me.

That being said, this isn’t really possible in a 4-player Commander queue at a Grand Prix event. It takes time to get to know people and understand their wants and needs in Commander, and as silver-bordered cards tend to be about subverting expectations, they only make play style disconnects more prominent.

There are also some cards that cause larger issues for the convention setting. Shoes as counters? Food as tokens? Screaming at the top of your lungs? Airborne dice storms courtesy of Ol’ Buzzbark? Literally anything having to do with Frankie Peanuts? (Please, nobody mention Denimwalk. I need to get out of this paragraph with my dignity.) This is all to say nothing of silver-bordered rulings, which are, by their very nature, often unorthodox (see what I did there?) and inconsistent.

With all that in mind, CFB Events won’t be allowing silver-bordered cards in Commander side events. We want these events to be fun, but some level of fairness, consistency, and decorum needs to be preserved in any event with entry fees and prizes, and we feel that silver-bordered cards compromise those tenets. We definitely appreciate the enthusiasm for these wacky spells and creatures, though, and I personally can’t wait to see what you do with them in Commander. (Tweet @RagingLevine with your silver-bordered board states and deck photos!)

Oh, and don’t worry—since our Commander events are sanctioned as casual events, which allow this type of “house rules,” you’ll still get your lifetime Planeswalker Point for them. The slow journey to Level 50 is still on the table!

-Eric Levine