Limited Resources podcast

Q&A, Cube Sealed on Arena, GP Reno, and More

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis do one of their favorite types of episodes, listener Q&A! Additionally the guys cover Marshall’s GP Reno experience, Mystery Boosters Retail Edition, and Sealed Cube on Arena. 

Limited Resources podcast

Theros Beyond Death Sealed

Marshall and Luis crack some Mystery boosters for crack-a-pack and then tackle the intricacies of Theros Beyond Death Sealed Deck! Marshall is heading to GP Reno to put this knowledge into practice as well! 

Limited Resources podcast

A Conversation With Thoralf Severin

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Mythic Championship IV winner and World Championship competitor Thoralf Severin on the show to talk about drafting, strategy, Theros Beyond Death, and of course… his now infamous Dream Trawler pick in the Worlds draft! 

Limited Resources podcast

Drafting Aggro in Theros Beyond Death

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis walk you through drafting all of the viable aggressive decks in Theros Beyond Death. Aggro is alive and well in THB Limited, but some of the decks don’t play out the way they look at face value, so listen close and get your beatdown on! 

Reid Duke Shadowspear art Limited Featured Image

Theros Beyond Death Sealed

Go through another Sealed deckbuild and set of matches in the new Limited format with Reid Duke as he navigates a Theros Beyond Death event on Magic Online.

Silvestri Anax Hardened in the Forge Standard Mono Red

There Are 3 Viable Builds of Mono-Red

Standard events are starting in full swing, and Silvestri has Red pegged as the archetype to play, but there are three good options. He breaks down Mono-Red, Medium Red, and Bigger Red.

Jace the Mind Sculptor Art mtg

This Week in Magic

This week: THB Limited, brewing with the most busted card in Theros Beyond Death, and the Sagas ranked by their quality as a children’s bedtime story.

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