Reid Duke Pioneer Hardened Scales Video

Hardened Scales – Pioneer | Reid Duke

Reid Duke’s battling some Pioneer with the explosive Hardened Scales/Winding Constrictor engine combined with +1/+1 counter powerhouses like Hangarback Walker and Walking Ballista.

Martin Juza TIme Wipe Featured Image

Blue-White Control: Standard Deck Guide

Blue-white control was poorly positioned against Field of the Dead and Oko, but with those cards freshly added to the ban list, it’s a strong choice for the current metagame.

Bant Snow – Legacy | Reid Duke

Arcum’s Astrolabe is already causing some ban speculation. Reid heads into a Legacy queue with a Bant control deck to find out why.

Vintage Cube Draft | Reid Duke

Reid Duke’s been known to dabble in Powered formats from time to time. He takes a shot at the Vintage Cube on Magic Online.

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