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Reid’s Guide to Legacy: The Defining Cards

Legacy is one of Magic’s most complex and challenging formats. Reid shows you where to start: the most important cards in the format, and the kinds of games you should expect to play in each match.

Reid Duke Shadowspear art Limited Featured Image

Theros Beyond Death Sealed

Go through another Sealed deckbuild and set of matches in the new Limited format with Reid Duke as he navigates a Theros Beyond Death event on Magic Online.

Martin Juza Thassa Standard

Thassa Is Busted

Martin’s got his pick for the best card in Theros Beyond Death now, and he’s got five brews lined up for the new format featuring the set’s biggest bomb.

The Ban Wagon Tempo Vapor Snag

What is Tempo?

It’s a term that the sharpest minds in Magic have been unable to define. So why are Matt Nass and LSV going to try?

reid duke modern jund

Jund – Modern | Reid Duke

Mox Opal and Oko are banned in Modern, could it mean that Jund is finally good again? You can be certain that Reid’s going to do all he can to find out. Follow along as he heads into a queue for over 4 hours of Modern gameplay!

Reid Duke Pioneer Hardened Scales Video

Hardened Scales – Pioneer | Reid Duke

Reid Duke’s battling some Pioneer with the explosive Hardened Scales/Winding Constrictor engine combined with +1/+1 counter powerhouses like Hangarback Walker and Walking Ballista.

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