Team CFB

Standard Ban Reaction

Wow indeed. Standard’s bans came out of nowhere today and we couldn’t be more surprised. Check out what Huey has to say about the coming changes to the format.

Esper Midrange Deck Guide

A new Standard deck made an appearance in the PT this weekend. Check out this deck guide on Esper Midrange on the deck Ken Yukihiro brought to the top in Standard.

Modern Esper Mentor Deck Guide

Esper Mentor is hopefully (fingers cross) not affected by the upcoming bans. Andrea Mengucci wrote a deck guide to help you feel good about playing Modern despite any upcoming changes in the format.

Core Set 2021 Re-Review

Core Set 2021 has been out for a few weeks and Luis Scott-Vargas has spent hours drafting since then. Check out his updated Limited ratings!

Mono-Black Aggro Deck Guide

Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza on the Mono-Black deck that brough Teruya Kakumae to #1 in Mythic before everyone else this month.

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