Standard Deck Guide

Finding Azcanta

Worlds was Search for Azcanta’s coming out party, and Wrapter snagged a Top 4 with its help. He breaks down his U/B build and matchups!

Mardu Control in Standard

Nico set out to find a control deck that beat Red. What he ended up with wasn’t great at that… but it’s solid against everything else!

R/B Aggro Deck Guide

Punish your opponent with Wrapter’s latest build of R/B Aggro from GP Denver and EFro’s complete guide to playing it!

G/W Humans Deck Guide

If you’re looking to get aggressive in Standard, there’s no better deck builder to look to than WW master Craig Wescoe!

The Panharmonicon Article

Pascal spent the last three weeks and GP Denver playing U/W Panharmonicon, and today he breaks down the deck and pens a sideboard guide!

U/W Panharmonicon Deck Guide

U/W Flash isn’t holding up well in Standard, but a crazy card that looks fit only for casual Magic has spiced up the color combination.

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