5-Color Midrange

Have your cake and eat it—Marc Tobiasch brings you a Standard deck wielding the best spells in every color with surprisingly reliable mana.

6 Mountain All-In Red

Roll the dice, flip some cards, and have some fun with Travis Woo’s All-in Red Belcher deck in Modern!

Manifesting Emrakul

Travis Woo tries to break Fate Reforged’s new mechanic with the biggest and baddest creature of all time.

Tempered Steel

Testing with a new team, Paul Rietzl brought a new take on Affinity to D.C., built to dodge the hate with one very powerful enchantment.

Soulflayer Vengevine

Travis is still working to break Soulflayer, and has a new extra aggressive approach with Vengevine built for speed and power.

Modern BUG

Caleb’s got a new list for Modern that takes the orthodox BUG builds away from Delver and gives it a more midrange look.

Budget Ninja Bear

If the cost of Modern is a barrier to entry, Travis has a budget version of Ninja Bear built to compete with the most expensive opposition.

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