Riley Knight

Scry Me a River podcast

El Coolio Magnifico

This week, Denis and Riley let you behind the curtain to Denis’ lies and Riley’s punctuality, tackle how to handle pre-game chat in a game of Commander, share their respective dark histories with online handles, and discuss how color pie breaks affect Magic.

Scry Me a River podcast

I Block With my Honda Accord

Denis and Riley explore how video games can make you feel old, go through the best ways to overcome reluctance to playing Commander, explore the role of survivorship bias in content creation, examine the relative merits of using a Honda Accord as a token.

Scry Me a River podcast

Don’t Talk at the Draft Table

This week, Denis and Riley finalize the rhino vs. hippo debate, advise on how to equip yourself for your first Commander game, talk about not talking while drafting, and tackle the question of how to get a salty sea dog to start taking ownership of their mistakes.

Most Annoying EDH Cards Commander

The 5 Most Obnoxious EDH Cards

What are the absolute worst cards to play against in Commander? Today Riley highlights the most obnoxious EDH cards in existence. Don’t be Armageddon Guy.

Simic Hydras | The Arena Boys

Riley and the Boys are playing a Standard Simic deck this week, but not the one you’re thinking of – welcome to Simic Hydras!

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