Pro Tour

The Pro Tour is Changing

Amonkhet’s early release has huge implications for the Pro Tour, from super teams to bannings. Is it a change for the better?

The Pantheon Deck Tech: Jund

Get a glimpse of Pantheon Pro Tour testing with a Deck Tech that Reid Duke wrote on the eve of Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch!

RG Landfall Deck Guide

RG Landfall or Atarka Red? Andrea Mengucci’s team thought the choice was clear, and he breaks down their version of the deck!

How the Pro Tour Saved Magic

Before Pro Tour Born of the Gods, find out how the Pro Tour got its start in this excerpt from Titus Chalk’s new eBook, So Do You Wear a Cape?

Getting Nassty – What to do at Pro Tours

So much is written about the grind to win a PTQ, but what happens once you finally get to the top of the mountain? Climb a bigger mountain, of course. Matt tells you what to expect and how to avoid the mistakes he made!

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