Mono-White Devotion Deck Guide

Lifelink, counters,& infinite damage, oh my! All the best parts of playing a White Devotion deck. Martin Juza’s explains just how possible that combo is!

Pioneer Sultai Delirium Deck Guide

Reid Duke covers one of the most customizable decks in Pioneer: Sultai Delirium. This is the perfect deck for those who love working with their graveyards.

Niv to Light Deck Guide

Check out Mengu’s pro guide on how to play Niv to Light in Pioneer. He breaks down every piece of this deck and all of it’s advantages.

MagicFest Online and Adaption in Crisis

In the wake of large tournaments being cancelled, the Magic scene is being forced to adapt, and leading the way is CFBEvent’s MagicFest Online. We breakdown how you can play and when. We also cover some other new events to watch out for.

martin juza pioneer deck guide ur ensoul banner

Five Rogue Pioneer Decks

Martin has been investigating the fringes of Pioneer, and has five sweet brews that he thinks have real potential to attack the metagame.

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