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Pauper at the Start of 2020

Alex Ullman takes an in-depth look at the Pauper metagame to start the year. We know Tron rules the format, but are there legitimate challengers?

Ghostly Flicker Art

6 Ways the Next Pauper B&R Could Affect Tron

Now that there’s no set date for a Banned & Restricted announcement, there’s no clear time to discuss upcoming changes to a format like Pauper. Brian DeMars takes the opportunity to examine what the future may hold for the format’s most dominant deck.

Blight-Breath Catoblepas Art from Theros Beyond Death

Theros Beyond Death Pauper Set Review

Theros Beyond Death brings a trove of new options at common to Pauper, and Alex Ullman pores over the best of them, with a bunch of new brews thrown in for good measure!

glint hawk art

Pauper Boros Guide

Through changing bans and metagames, Boros has been a dominant force in Pauper. Brian DeMars does a deep dive on the archetype, breaking down the variants and his favorite lists.

Blue Zoo Pauper

A Guide to Blue Zoo in Pauper

In a world without Arcum’s Astrolabe, Blue Zoo may be better positioned than ever before. Today Alex provides a full breakdown and sideboard guide.

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