Pioneer Player Tours, Manastrike, and the Creator Program

We’ve got a whole lot to cover this week! There were not one but two Player Tours last weekend, and we go over the hot new Inverter deck that was all over the place. TJ gets hyped for the new Magic phone game, Manastrike, and we talk about the Magic Creator Program and what that could mean to content creators of all sizes.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

The Meme Description Podcast

Corbin is gone. Leaving DJ, and Jason to drive that sweet MTG News and Fiance Bus straight into your earholes and they have invited back fan-favorite guest Liz (@DevotedDruid) to help to keep them on track.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Number 2 in Esports

Corbin, DJ, and Jason celebrate Magic: the Gathering being the number 2 esport by bringing you the latest in MTG news, finance, and advice.

Jersey Lessons and an Unsanctioned Viewing

Jamie is back from MagicFest New Jersey and we can’t wait to hear about her experience. She not only tells about how the tournament went, but she confides in us about a couple of uncomfortable situations that happened while she was playing.

Sperling Rivals League Art

Rivals League 2020: What is at Stake?

Wizards unveiled a new pro league to Magic, the Rivals League, which serves as a possible path into the MPL. Matt Sperling has an overview of the meaningful stakes of this new relegation-style league.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Direct to You

Corbin, DJ, and Jason talk about the new set, Theros Beyond Death, and break down how to maximize your profits selling your cards.

Theros Sealed Prep and a Legacy Lost

Jamie has been crushing Sealed pools all week getting ready for MagicFest New Jersey, and she tells us what she’s learned early about the format. It also seems that Legacy has disappeared from the 2020 schedule, but TJ has a reason why. Then we wrap it all up with pondering our own replacements.

Themes in Theros and Bans in Modern

We take advantage of our Limited expert, Jamie Topples, to look at the themes we can expect to see in Theros Beyond Deck Limited decks and what we should expect in color sets and decks.

2019 Reflections and the Mail Bag

Magic has been through a lot in 2019, and we take a little time to reflect on the highs and lows, the good times and the bad. We also decided that a good way to end the year would be with an extended mail bag segment, where we ponder personal teleportals and hot dogs.

Erratic Visionary

Your 2019 Year in Review

Whether you fell short of your goals for the year or surpassed them, Will shows you how to evaluate your year in Magic to set yourself up for success in 2020.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Cry Me A River

Corbin, DJ, and Jason break down the newest preview cards from Theros Beyond Death while getting day drunk.

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