2019 Reflections and the Mail Bag

Magic has been through a lot in 2019, and we take a little time to reflect on the highs and lows, the good times and the bad. We also decided that a good way to end the year would be with an extended mail bag segment, where we ponder personal teleportals and hot dogs.

Erratic Visionary

Your 2019 Year in Review

Whether you fell short of your goals for the year or surpassed them, Will shows you how to evaluate your year in Magic to set yourself up for success in 2020.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

Cry Me A River

Corbin, DJ, and Jason break down the newest preview cards from Theros Beyond Death while getting day drunk.

MCVII and the Paywall to Brawl

Mythic Championship VII is in the books and it was either great for Magic, or terrible for Magic. We talk about what’s gotten better and what’s gotten worse in 2019 for events and tournaments. Also, why we gotta pay to brawl?

PonderThis: Extra Helpings

Back from our Thanksgivings, we check up on the latest Pioneer bans, look at what’s in store for the coming Mythic Championship, and ponder an extra big helping of your questions, including a few about ourselves.

Scry Me a River podcast

Dwayne Johnson Fights a Crocodile

Denis and Riley discuss the ethics of angle-shooting, unpack the mess that is the relative power and toughness of creatures, and highlight the importance of being mindful in this week’s podcast.

Announcing Team CFB MTG

Announcing Team CFB

ChannelFireball is officially launching an esports team, and today Hall of Famer LSV introduces the star-studded roster of Team CFB.

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