Episode 115 – Core Set 2021: A Palate Cleanser

After some powerful sets and complex mechanics in the last few sets, it’s nice to get a bit of a break with Magic Core Set 2021. The limited play feels like a return to the comfortable, while still being challenging. We give our early impressions of the set this week and also ponder picking new creature types for ourselves.

Scry Me a River podcast

The Flat Moon Society – Scry Me a River

This week, Denis and Riley get across all your favourite segments – AITA, LGS Horror Stories, and even Power Moves! They talk about the best ways to determine who gets to go first, buying out underpriced cards in an LGS, and reveal the hidden truths of the flat moon.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

The Bubble is Coming?

Jason, Corbin, and DJ might have their batteries drained by the stresses of the COVID world but Magic is here to deliver a Jump Start to all of us and help us figure out what the lack of paper magic means for you and your collection.

Scry Me a River podcast

Canister Damascus – Scry Me a River

This week, Denis and Riley get very real while talking about their parents and video games, then go straight back into the nonsense with some terrific AITA questions, using MTG to teach kids how to lose, and, of course, the importance of knowing about a canister Damascus.

Episode 114 – Wizards Content Creator Confusion

The WotC Content Creator Program has a lot of people scratching their heads after some players were removed from it. Who is it even for and what’s it serving? Why are people upset with it? We ponder what it is now, what’s not working, and what it could be.

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