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A Case For “Un” Cards in Commander

There’s the Magic Pro League, the Rivals League, but there’s plenty of room for players in the Bush League. Spice8Rack shows you how to master one of MTG Arena’s few effective little tricks.

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Tedin Tribal

While this deck might not be the most powerful you’ve ever seen, it’s definitely one of the coolest and certainly one of the most unique – an entire Commander deck built exclusively with cards illustrated by Mark Tedin.

Magic Moving Forward

This episode may be coming out on April Fool’s, but the world’s crazy enough right now. Magic is moving on with changing ways to play, and we look ahead towards the release of Ikoria and future releases and tournaments. We also ponder replacing TJ with more Jamie.

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Cycling Tribal

Hop on your bike and get cycling with this sweet deck that exploits the synergies offered by the cycling mechanic – with ramp, interaction, and difficult-to-answer finishers, this deck both powerfully synergistic and heaps of fun!

ChannelFirebrawl: Teysa Aristocrats

Despite only being able to bring back small creatures, Alesha’s triggered ability packs a real punch when you build around it properly. With disruptive creatures, sweet combos, and plenty of recursive engines, this deck goes deep on both value and aggression!

Cracking Mythic Top 10 and the Aftermath

Getting to Mythic Rank is every competitive Arena player’s goal, and this week Jamie made the top 10! But how hard do you have to work to maintain it, and what happens if you can’t? Jamie shares her experience with us. We also say good day to some cards hit by the B&R and ponder the solitude of Arena.

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