RG Thopter Combo

Brian DeMars worked hard on finding a good GW Tokens matchup, and this haste-powered Rites deck came very close to making the cut.

Jeskai in Standard

With green decks overrunning the format, Josh Silvestri sees another big opening for Mantis Rider.

Eldrazi Sideboard Guide

Looking to pick up the most dominant deck from PT Oath of the Gatewatch? Andrea Mengucci breaks down the sideboard plan for every matchup!

UR Twin vs. Modern: Tron

Tron may be one of the best matchups for UR Twin, but it’s also dangerous. Maximize every edge with the help of Pascal Maynard!

Blitzing Naya

Owen breaks down the keys to defeating Naya Blitz—a tough-to-beat mashup of Zoo and Burn!

Atarka Red Primer

With anti-aggro sideboard cards on the decline, now might be the best time to play red. Josh McClain has a full primer!

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