Martin Juza

UW Blink with Core Set 2021

Barrin, Tolarian Archmange just made UW Blink that much better, especially with Thassa and Yorion. Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza to see how he utilized them.

The Monday Meta – M21 Standard Decks

This week Mashi and Martin dive into the effects (if any) that M21 is having on the new Standard. M&M discuss what new cards are seeing play and what new decks Team CFB have been playing with to test the new format – Blue/White Blink, Jolrael Bant, Blue/Red Spells, and Blue/Green Ramp.

UG Ramp with M21

Simic Ramp was beefed up with some new additions from M21. Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza on an upgraded Simic deck.

The Monday Meta – #8 Yorion Rats!

After an exciting Players Tour 3 & 4, Martin and Mashi have A LOT to talk about – M&M discuss the new Yorion Orzhov, Companionless Azorius Control, and Bant Flash decks and what impact will M21 have on the current battlecruiser standard format. All this and more on this week’s Monday Meta!

The Monday Meta – Post PT Meta & M21 Previews

This week on the Monday Meta, Mashi and Martin discuss lessons learned from Martin’s Players Tour experience – the effects the recent bannings, what the companion nerf accomplished, and where the Metagame is at until M21 releases.

The Monday Meta – The New Standard & M21 Previews

This week Mashi and Martin take a look at the first weekend of post-Fires and Companion Standard by looking at the Red Bull Untapped Top 8s, they discuss Termur Rec’s dominance and the Gruul Aggro and Umori Mutate Decks that also Top 8’d the Untapped events.

Post-ban Standard Metagame

On Monday, Fires of Invention and Agent of Treachery got banned. Companions now require you to pay 3 mana at sorcery speed to put them into your hand. What does this mean for standard? Martin Juza has the answers.

The Monday Meta – Back to the New Standard

With the new banned and restricted list for Standard and Historic hot off the press, Mashi and Martin talk over what they expect in the new standard meta and host of other questions the bannings and changes present.

Gruul Umori Deck Guide

5-0 against Jeskai Lukka, 11-1 record leading to the top 8 in the Redbull Untapped Tournament. Looks like we’ve got a new deck to watch out for.

Secret Lair Reveal

Martin Juza and Mashi Scanlan have a special surprise for everyone today from their Monday Meta. They’re revealing a Secret..Lair.

The Monday Meta – Top 8 of Redbull Untapped

This week Mashi and Martin discuss the Top 8 of last weekend’s Redbull Untapped including newcomers Yorion Azorius Control, Jund Food, and Gruul Umori. Mashi also get’s Martin’s take on White Weenie, Mono-Green Stompy and Mardu Knights.

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