5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Tedin Tribal

While this deck might not be the most powerful you’ve ever seen, it’s definitely one of the coolest and certainly one of the most unique – an entire Commander deck built exclusively with cards illustrated by Mark Tedin.

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Infinite Dwarves

Sometimes, seven dwarves aren’t enough. With this deck, headed up by Riku of Two Reflections, you’re guaranteed to make a lot more than just seven dwarves – between clones and copy effects (doubled with Riku, of course), you’ll have an enormous dwarven army in no time!

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Brudiclad’s Chop Shop

Nope, it’s not just another Izzet artifact deck! This wild Brudiclad list is all about turning innocuous little tokens – Treasures and Servos and the like – into enormous big monsters, with some of the weirdest and sweetest synergies you’re likely to see.

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Legendfall Reki

If you love playing green ramp decks but hate falling behind on cards, this Reki deck is perfect for you – crammed full of legends that cycle when your commander is out, you can easily deploy huge threats while keeping your hand nice and full!

ChannelFirebrawl: Teysa Aristocrats

Despite only being able to bring back small creatures, Alesha’s triggered ability packs a real punch when you build around it properly. With disruptive creatures, sweet combos, and plenty of recursive engines, this deck goes deep on both value and aggression!

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: 91 Card Atla Palani

Inject a little chaos into your EDH playgroup with a 91-card deck that shuffles nine random creatures in at the beginning of every game! This list cheats out enormous monsters with Atla Palani, but most of the time you won’t even know what you might hit!

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