Eric Levine

We All Shrine On

It looks likes spoiler season isn’t ending anytime soon, which means the Commander deck brews just keep on coming. Check out Eric levine’s recent brew for a Sisay Shrines deck.

The Best 5-color Aggro Deck in Commander

Sure it’s easy to just throw a bunch of Warriors together and end up with a Najeela EDH Deck, but what’s the fun in that? Eric Levine breaks down his build for the ultimate 5-color aggro EDH deck!

eric levine thass deep dwelling commander

Going Deep with Thassa in Commander

Thassa was one of the most exciting new cards from Theros Beyond Death, and Eric Levine dives in to deckbuilding with the blue God and plenty of ways to abuse her ability!

Should You Play Playtest Cards in EDH?

The Playtest Cards are one of the sweetest parts of Mystery Boosters, but which ones should you play in Commander? Today Eric highlights the ones you should and shouldn’t try out in EDH.

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