The Brew Frontier

Joel’s getting in on the Frontier fun with two lists he cooked up, featuring Standard all-stars from across the last 2 years!

Em-Rock-ul in Modern

Emrakul is dominating Standard—so Matt Sperling tried his hand at brewing up a midrange home that can win out of nowhere with a 13/13.

How to Beat Emrakul

First Bant, now Emrakul. There’s always an answer—Sperling shows you how to take down the latest top dog. Or whatever that thing is.

Pantheon Deck Tech: RUG Eldrazi

Days before Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, Jon Finkel settled on a build of a deck he told Owen Turtenwald it would be a mistake not to play.

Jund, the Promised End

Joel’s Jund take on emerge earned him a Top 16 finish—he provides an updated build for the new metagame and a sideboard guide!

New Tools for GB

BBD swore off GB decks, but Eldritch Moon brings enough goodies for the archetype that he’s coming back around.

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