Deck Building

Deck Doctor: U/R Artificers

We asked for your brews, and you didn’t disappoint. This U/R Artificers deck impressed Frank, and he suggests a few possible changes!

The Evolution of Jund Ramp

Jund ramp has inspired brewers like Conley Woods and Numot, and Frank compares their notes to arrive at his own spicy version!

Vintage Esper Good Stuff

Brian hasn’t liked the builds that are ruling the early Vintage Leagues, so he set out to create his own, more interactive Esper list.

Wheel of Time in Modern

Marcus Ewaldh took a crazy and innovative new deck to Grand Prix Copenhagen packing As Foretold, time walks, and even Wheel of Fate.

Esper Vehicles

I designed this deck to beat Marvel, but couldn’t bring myself to play it in Montreal. I wish I had.

Updated R/G Gods

Crush your opponent with Rhonas and Hazoret—Zvi Mowshowitz brings you an update to his R/G Gods deck and a sideboard guide!

U/W Drake Haven

Drake Haven is one of the most exciting new engines from Amonkhet, and Neal sets to work brewing up a controlling blue-white home for it.

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