Collected Company

The State of Modern: July 2017

Reid Duke brings you the complete primer to Modern right now: the decks to beat, the decks to keep your eye on, and everything in between.

Modern: CoCo is Loco

Should you focus on the infinite life combo in Abzan Company, or only on the infinite mana engine of Druid/Vizier? Why not both?

You Bant Keep CoCo Down

Bant is one of Modern’s underappreciated gems—these two builds pack plenty of power, and should catch your opponent by surprise.

Banthog Day

So far, the new Standard looks a lot like the old Standard. Brian DeMars reviews the results from last weekend.

Bant Keep a Good Deck Down

With all the crazy new decks that burst onto the scene at #PTSOI, one important fact went overlooked: Collected Company is still on top.

My Picks for Week 1

At a loss for what to play this weekend? Josh Silvestri is here to help with the two strategies he’d play in week 1 of the new Standard.

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