Scry Me a River podcast

This One’s For The Trapmakers – Scry Me A River

This week, Denis and Riley talk about ways to spice up a timid or inactive EDH playgroup, share some Empower and Power Moves, advise on how to get started in Magic commentary or broadcasting, and then just talk about cricket fielding positions for like fifteen minutes.

Scry Me a River podcast

Frasier-Based Personality Tests – Scry Me A River

This week, Denis and Riley offer their perspective on and experience with working from home, then get sidetracked and take Frasier personality tests instead. They go through a long list of both Power and Empower Moves, discuss streaming, and share suggestions on how to stay sane while confined to your home.

The Value of a Card

There’s so much more to Magic than identifying an intrinsically powerful card or when your opponent got lucky. Discover why.

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