5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Cycling Tribal

Hop on your bike and get cycling with this sweet deck that exploits the synergies offered by the cycling mechanic – with ramp, interaction, and difficult-to-answer finishers, this deck both powerfully synergistic and heaps of fun!

Scry Me a River podcast

Frasier-Based Personality Tests – Scry Me A River

This week, Denis and Riley offer their perspective on and experience with working from home, then get sidetracked and take Frasier personality tests instead. They go through a long list of both Power and Empower Moves, discuss streaming, and share suggestions on how to stay sane while confined to your home.

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: Legendfall Reki

If you love playing green ramp decks but hate falling behind on cards, this Reki deck is perfect for you – crammed full of legends that cycle when your commander is out, you can easily deploy huge threats while keeping your hand nice and full!

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