Deck of the Day: R/B Graveyard

If WotC is going to print cards that create huge benefits from the graveyard, players will find ways to abuse them. Discarding cards is supposed to be a rather large drawback, but if you can get the bonuses associated with whatever cards ask you to pay that price in addition to putting cards you want into the graveyard, you’ve got the makings of a competitive deck.

Prized Amalgam is the star for these strategies. This deck couldn’t even cast the Amalgam if it wanted to. You’re solely looking to get as many of them into the graveyard as you can, as quickly as possible. Then you can return a creature to the battlefield and get them all back. Rinse and repeat.

Haunted Dead does everything this deck needs. It’s one of the best discard outlets, as you can load up your graveyard by discarding two cards from your hand to bring it back. You get multiple creatures out of the deal, and can also trigger your Amalgams to come back from the graveyard. Getting an early Haunted Dead in your graveyard allows you to do crazy things by discarding Amalgams, bringing the Dead back, making a Spirit token, and then getting the Amalgams right into play during your end step.

Scrapheap Scrounger gives you an early, aggressive threat that comes back over and over. It can be discarded for value, and it can trigger your Amalgams. All you need are more discard outlets, and creatures that allow you to get Scrounger back into play.

Cryptbreaker lets you discard cards for value, getting Zombies along the way, and can even turn some of those Zombies into additional cards as the game progresses. Insolent Neonate is another creature to add to your graveyard and is the perfect turn-1 discard outlet.

With all of these ways to discard, Hollow One becomes an early threat that can produce some explosive starts. You have lots of ways to discard 1 or 2 cards, and if you get to 3 in a single turn, every Hollow One is free. On top of all of that potential to cast an early 4/4, this thing cycles when you don’t need it.

Earthshaker Khenra gives you an aggressive threat and a mana sink late in the game. Getting a “free” 4/4 haste creature that turns off a blocker late in the game is awesome.

Cathartic Reunion is unbelievable in this deck. Not only do you actively want to discard multiple cards, but drawing 3 allows you to see so much of your deck early in the game to put all the pieces together. A turn-1 Neonate into turn-2 Reunion can also deploy a whole handful of Hollow Ones, and getting Haunted Deads and Amalgams into the graveyard while drawing fistfuls of cards is awesome.

Lightning Axe is one of the most efficient removal spells in the format. It only asks that you discard a card… pretty nice, considering that’s often an upside here! Fiery Temper is Lightning Bolt more often than not in this deck. You have Axe, Cryptbreaker, Haunted Dead, Neonate, and Reunion to discard cards. Triggering madness with these 19 discard outlets is very doable.

The graveyard is extremely important in Standard right now, and Prized Amalgam is not quite ready to just be a Modern all-star yet!

R/B Graveyard

DANABEAST7, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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