Next Event: Saturday, August 29th, at 9 AM Pacific

We’re excited to announce the next CFB Pro Showdown, a free Standard single elimination tournament on MTG Arena for CFB Pro subscribers, with a prize pool of $1,000 in ChannelFireball store credit! This event will take place Saturday, August 29th, at 9 AM Pacific Time, and we’re inviting every CFB Pro subscriber to join. The winner of the event will face off against one of our pro players after the tournament in a grudge match – if they win that match as well, they’ll double their prize!

We’ll be covering the whole event at twitch.tv/ChannelFireball, and if you’re lucky enough to get featured, you could have your lines of play discussed by our commentators, which will include members of Team CFB! 

If you’re already a CFB Pro subscriber, you can check out all the details and register for the event right here.

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