reid duke modern jund

Jund – Modern | Reid Duke

Mox Opal and Oko are banned in Modern, could it mean that Jund is finally good again? You can be certain that Reid’s going to do all he can to find out. Follow along as he heads into a queue for over 4 hours of Modern gameplay!

Mardu Merriment | The Arena Boys

The Boys are going deep on enchantments this week with a Mardu brew packing Outlaws’ Merriment, Theater of Horrors, Divine Visitation, and even Captive Audience (for value).

Vintage Cube | Gaby Spartz

Drafting a deck without Islands in the Vintage Cube is a bold move, but Gaby has no fear. Watch her as she navigates every pick and every game, from start to finish.

Organized Play for Dummies

Matt and LSV break down the new (and complicated) Organized Play system and tell you exactly what you need to know to compete this year.

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