CFB Pro Showdown Recap Playlist

Missed the livestream? Not to worry! We have all of the action from the CFB Pro Showdown here for you, any time you want!
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MagicTV – M21 Hit or Myth

Mashi and LSV get together for a nostalgic Hit or Myth with the return of Baneslayer Angel in M21, the first ever card featured on Hit or Myth almost 11 years ago! Let’s see how it’s stood the test of time, along with the rest of its peers in this edition of Hit or Myth!

The Monday Meta – M21 Standard Decks

This week Mashi and Martin dive into the effects (if any) that M21 is having on the new Standard. M&M discuss what new cards are seeing play and what new decks Team CFB have been playing with to test the new format – Blue/White Blink, Jolrael Bant, Blue/Red Spells, and Blue/Green Ramp.

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