UW Fliers Deck Review

The CFB Pro Showdown featured some aggro decks looking to get in under the big mana ramp dominating Standard. Huey takes a look at one of those in UW Fliers

Simic Flash Deck Guide

Andrea has been jamming Simic Flash, trying to take on the best decks in Standard, and has landed on something a little different to traditional Simic Flash lists.

tamiyo collector of tales art banner

Who Beats Whom in the Current Standard Metagame?

Unfortunately, Brian DeMars won’t be able to play his local MagicFest with the COVID-19 cancellations, but he won’t let his preparation for Standard go to waste either! He’s got a matchup matrix for each of the most popular decks in the format.

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The Best Decks in Standard Right Now

This is one of the most diverse Standard formats we’ve seen in some time, with aggro, midrange, control, and combo all viable. Martin shows you the best decks in the format, and his top 3 picks for this weekend.

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