Scry Me a River podcast

Please Don’t Kill Me With Your Handshake

This week, Denis and Riley talk about how to get started on building your first Commander deck, explore how best to politely avoid the handshake when necessary, unleash a fresh batch of power moves, and reignite an old feud between Denis and Mashi.

Scry Me a River podcast

Cracking Packs and Making Moves

This week, Denis and Riley figure out the best way to crack spare packs when you can’t get a draft together, unveil another boatload of premium power moves, and discuss the best way to deal with how Magic almost forces us to try and play other games optimally at all times.

Scry Me a River podcast

Power Plays and Exiled Etiquette

This week, Denis and Riley get stuck into how to introduce new players to the game without overloading them, unpack a boatload of power moves, discuss how best to deal with cards in exile, and decide exactly what kind of river the one in the show’s name actually is.

Scry Me a River podcast

The Adventures of Denis and Scrooge

Denis and Riley offer a total of 50% enthusiasm for a Christmas-themed episode. Bah humbug! They talk about the best and worst gifts they’ve given and received, advise on Magic-themed Christmas decorations, and get absolutely riggedy-wrecked as they showcase more power moves.

Scry Me a River podcast

Kickflipping into Casual Commander

Denis and Riley figure out the best way to ingratiate yourself into an established EDH playgroup, explore the wild world of Magic slang, share more listener-submitted power moves, and advise on how to deal with opponents that tilt off thanks to your deck choice.

The Old Gods: Phenax

Eric’s getting ready for a return to Theros with a deck that celebrates one of his favorite Gods, Phenax, by using high toughness creatures to mill out the table!

The Brawl Project: Lessons Learned

From lands to planeswalkers to the best (and worst) colors, Brawl expert Sunyveil has a few important takeaways from the first 7 weeks of exploring the format.

Thraximundar Art

Thraximundar Reforged

After a decade, Eric Levine is updating some of his favorite Commander lists, starting with Thraximundar!

The Ur-Dragon Art

Building 5-Color in Commander

Commander makes it tempting to harness the most powerful cards in all five colors, but consistency can be an issue. Eric Levine shows you how to balance both.

Art from the Magic card Extraplanar Lens

Non-Green Ramp in EDH

Green’s the industry leader in getting ahead on mana but there are still plenty of smart buys across the spectrum. Eric breaks them down, along with a list!

First Look at Secret Lair

We got our first look at Secret Lair! The new product line includes some wild art and reprints from Magic’s history.

Should You Play Playtest Cards in EDH?

The Playtest Cards are one of the sweetest parts of Mystery Boosters, but which ones should you play in Commander? Today Eric highlights the ones you should and shouldn’t try out in EDH.

Most Annoying EDH Cards Commander

The 5 Most Obnoxious EDH Cards

What are the absolute worst cards to play against in Commander? Today Riley highlights the most obnoxious EDH cards in existence. Don’t be Armageddon Guy.

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