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Haktos the Uncool

Eric imagines a world in which Haktos does not work well with others. He’s got a list packing plenty of Soldiers of fortune to back him up in his latest Commander brew!

5-Minute Commander Deck Tech: “Fair” Kruphix

Are you tired of the typical busted Simic decks you always see in EDH? Here’s a refreshing change of pace – it’s a green-blue deck with no infinite combos and no extra turns! Just huge amount of mana and a huge amount of card draw, and great big monsters to seal the deal.

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Riley Does an AMA

This week, Denis is away, so Riley took the opportunity to get really self-indulgent with an AMA. He answers questions on everything from D&D house rules to his teaching career, as well as a bunch of nonsense about EDH, winding up Kiwis, and pizza.

Scry Me a River podcast

Foley Secrets They DON’T Want You To Know

This week, Denis and Riley share the fallout from the “scrybabies” blunder, advise on how to get a budget-focused foothold in Pioneer and Modern, reveal the innermost secrets of the sound industry, and – of course – share a fresh batch of power moves.

Scry Me a River podcast

Mark Boyd Strikes Back

This week, Denis and Riley advise on how to keep a friend interested in Magic and on how to diversify your friendships’ nerd portfolios, get absolutely steamrolled by a Mark Boyd Power Move, and finalize the debate over Batman’s color identity.

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The Best Sweepers in EDH

What’s the worst card in the history of Magic: The Gathering? Riley Knight counts down his pick for the top 5 contenders today on MTG Countdown.

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LSV Gets Hot and Juicy

This week, Denis and Riley are joined by special guest Luis Scott-Vargas! The trio talk about bridging community gaps between formats, explore the play/draw rule, share some top-shelf power moves, and burn through an extremely silly AMA.

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The Wisdom of Adam Savidan

This week, Denis and Riley are joined by special guest Adam Savidan from LoadingReadyRun! The three boys talk about balancing public Magic life with personal relationships, unveil some premium Power Moves, and then do an AMA for, like, way over an hour.

Scry Me a River podcast

Please Don’t Kill Me With Your Handshake

This week, Denis and Riley talk about how to get started on building your first Commander deck, explore how best to politely avoid the handshake when necessary, unleash a fresh batch of power moves, and reignite an old feud between Denis and Mashi.

Scry Me a River podcast

Cracking Packs and Making Moves

This week, Denis and Riley figure out the best way to crack spare packs when you can’t get a draft together, unveil another boatload of premium power moves, and discuss the best way to deal with how Magic almost forces us to try and play other games optimally at all times.

Scry Me a River podcast

Power Plays and Exiled Etiquette

This week, Denis and Riley get stuck into how to introduce new players to the game without overloading them, unpack a boatload of power moves, discuss how best to deal with cards in exile, and decide exactly what kind of river the one in the show’s name actually is.

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