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A Case For “Un” Cards in Commander

There’s the Magic Pro League, the Rivals League, but there’s plenty of room for players in the Bush League. Spice8Rack shows you how to master one of MTG Arena’s few effective little tricks.

Niv to Light Deck Guide

Check out Mengu’s pro guide on how to play Niv to Light in Pioneer. He breaks down every piece of this deck and all of it’s advantages.

Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

Martin Juza gives you some pro tips on what you might be doing wrong. Check out his guide on what common mistakes are made and ways to adapt your playstyle.

Rakdos Sacrifice Deck Guide

Check out Martin Juza’s detailed explanation of the perfectly aggressive Rakdos Sacrifice deck in Standard, including a complete sideboard guide.

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Haktos the Uncool

Eric imagines a world in which Haktos does not work well with others. He’s got a list packing plenty of Soldiers of fortune to back him up in his latest Commander brew!

The Colors of Pauper: White

Curious about Pauper? Alex Ullman is reviewing the world of Pauper, color by color. This week, he’s reviewing white decks: A beginners guide to Pauper.

Magic Moving Forward

This episode may be coming out on April Fool’s, but the world’s crazy enough right now. Magic is moving on with changing ways to play, and we look ahead towards the release of Ikoria and future releases and tournaments. We also ponder replacing TJ with more Jamie.

Brainstorm Brewery podcast

The 3 Sea Shell Trick

The Corbin is riding that high of being wanted as a professor so DJ and Jason snap him back to the real world with the harsh truths of Magic.

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