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TJ Rogers, Jamie Rigatti, and Melvin the Muppet ponder all things from the world of Magic: the Gathering. Each episode, your hosts will discuss anything and everything related to the world of Magic and will answer listener questions of any kind.

Wild Companion Change Speculations

Changes are coming for Companion, but we don’t know what. Why bother critically hypothesizing about them when you can make crazy, outlandish guesses instead? We try both. We also ponder even more secret lairs, a leak, and rocks.

The Arena Open and Curated Cuties

The Arena Open was just announced. Is it for you? We look at what the Arena Open structure is and compare its format and cost to similar paper tournaments. We also look forward to the CFB Pro Showdown, and Jamie gives us a Curated Cuties of ICoria list.

Balance Versus Innovation

What’s more important when designing future sets? Innovation is important to keep the game fresh, but without balance power creep and narrow strategies can take over. We each ponder which is more important, how this trade-off has affected past sets, and what might be coming in the future. We also ponder krakens.

From Superstar to Pro: Innovating with Mashi Scanlan

From the days of Superstars to the creation of CFBPro, from Magic TV to Magic FM, our special guest Mashi Scanlan has been innovating Magic content. In our first Channelfireball podcast crossover, Mashi weaves the tales of his life’s story and CFB’s together. Then we ponder mutating our pets.

Arena’s Renaissance

Human drafts have finally arrived on Magic Arena, and people (especially Jamie) couldn’t be happier. Was it a make or break necessity for Ikoria? We discuss how people are returning in droves after frustration with bot drafting and what that means for players. We also say goodbye to our DCI numbers.

Early Ikoria Topples Tips

She’s had a week to sink her teeth in, but that’s all she needs. Jamie is here to give us the rundown on Ikoira Limited. We ask her what the early strategies are, what’s good and what’s overrated. We also get hyped for her Eleague competition and wrap up by pondering Porcuparrots.

Ikoria Power Rankings

After a quick celebration for human drafts on Arena, we start the deep dive into Ikoria. To review some of the most powerful cards, we decide to pit them against each other. We review the mythic Apex beasts, the Mythos cycle, and the new planeswalkers in a head to head elimination to find out which will be the last cards standing.

Dreadnought Magic: Ikoria First Impressions and Mechanics

Forget “Battle-Cruiser Magic”. Ikoria is bringing us giant creatures so big that we had to create a whole new term, “Dreadnought Magic”. We talk about mutating giant monsters, why TJ loves cycling, and ponder if Companions are just Magic’s version of Pokemon waiting to happen.

Magic Moving Forward

This episode may be coming out on April Fool’s, but the world’s crazy enough right now. Magic is moving on with changing ways to play, and we look ahead towards the release of Ikoria and future releases and tournaments. We also ponder replacing TJ with more Jamie.

MagicFest Online and Adaption in Crisis

In the wake of large tournaments being cancelled, the Magic scene is being forced to adapt, and leading the way is CFBEvent’s MagicFest Online. We breakdown how you can play and when. We also cover some other new events to watch out for.

Cracking Mythic Top 10 and the Aftermath

Getting to Mythic Rank is every competitive Arena player’s goal, and this week Jamie made the top 10! But how hard do you have to work to maintain it, and what happens if you can’t? Jamie shares her experience with us. We also say good day to some cards hit by the B&R and ponder the solitude of Arena.

A Brand Built on Teaching with AdamAntMTG

This week we welcome a special guest who has built his brand up in a unique way. Keith (AdamAntMTG) joins us to talk about how his love of teaching others the game helped grow his stream to a surprising success.

A Week of FOMO: DreamHack and more Secret Lairs

Last weekend was the biggest Magic tournament that no one knew about. DreamHack was in Anaheim, had a ridiculous prize pool, but an extremely small attendance. If you blinked, you might have missed it. Speeding right along behind it is even more Secret Lairs. We ponder why they’re coming so fast and what you might miss out on if you don’t plan accordingly.

The Magic World Championship 2020

Sixteen players. Three days of Magic. A million dollars in prizes. Some quickly thrown in pineapples. We talk about what we liked and didn’t, from the players, to coverage, and Arena tie-ins.

Players Tour Phoenix and Secret Lair Overkill

Even though Jamie was trying to finish up her Arena Mythic rank, she still had time to catch some of the PT Phoenix Limited play and gives us her professional opinions. And in case you haven’t had enough yet, there’s another Secret Lair release coming up. Is this too much yet? We finish up by pondering where we’d be right now without Magic.

Pioneer Player Tours, Manastrike, and the Creator Program

We’ve got a whole lot to cover this week! There were not one but two Player Tours last weekend, and we go over the hot new Inverter deck that was all over the place. TJ gets hyped for the new Magic phone game, Manastrike, and we talk about the Magic Creator Program and what that could mean to content creators of all sizes.

Jersey Lessons and an Unsanctioned Viewing

Jamie is back from MagicFest New Jersey and we can’t wait to hear about her experience. She not only tells about how the tournament went, but she confides in us about a couple of uncomfortable situations that happened while she was playing.

Theros Sealed Prep and a Legacy Lost

Jamie has been crushing Sealed pools all week getting ready for MagicFest New Jersey, and she tells us what she’s learned early about the format. It also seems that Legacy has disappeared from the 2020 schedule, but TJ has a reason why. Then we wrap it all up with pondering our own replacements.

Themes in Theros and Bans in Modern

We take advantage of our Limited expert, Jamie Topples, to look at the themes we can expect to see in Theros Beyond Deck Limited decks and what we should expect in color sets and decks.

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