Limited Resources

A weekly podcast dedicated to improving your skill at Magic: The Gathering, with an emphasis on Limited play. Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

Limited Resources podcast

Throne of Eldraine Sunset Show

Marshall and Luis say goodbye to perhaps the most controversial set in recent times, Throne of Eldraine! The guys get into all the gory details on this set including the stuff they liked, and the stuff they didn’t.

Limited Resources podcast

AMA with Marshall!

This week on Limited Resources Marshall flies solo and answers your questions on an AMA episode! He covers a wide, wide range of topics, and even some Magic stuff in there too. 

Limited Resources podcast

Throne of Eldraine Sealed Deck and Draft Walkthrough

This week on Limited Resources, Marshall and Luis give you the tips and tricks to get you ahead of the curve on Throne of Eldraine Sealed Deck, and then do a full draft on MTG Arena live on the show to help you see how they are approaching the format as of today. 

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