Kai Budde

Kai Budde, "The German Juggernaut," is considered by many to be the greatest player in history—given his incomparable resume, he has a strong case. As a member of Team Pantheon, Kai often handles "risk management." With his years of experience, he can quickly spot which decks have what it takes to truly succeed on the Pro Tour. In 2013 he helped construct Mono-Blue Devotion with Gabriel Nassif—a synergy deck built on the back of many unassuming cards, that together formed a powerful aggressive deck. A similar build eventually took down Pro Tour Theros in the hands of Jeremy Dezani.

The Pantheon Deck Tech: Infect

Get a glimpse into The Pantheon’s preparation and view of the metagame that led them to select Infect once again for the Modern Pro Tour.

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