Gabriel Nassif

Huey Jensen on Gabriel Nassif: "Completing the trifecta of the three best Magic players of all time is Gabriel Nassif. Affectionately known to his friends as “Yellowhat,” “Hat,” or in my case “Big Papa Hat,” Gab is quite possibly the greatest deckbuilder of all time, truly excelling at all facets of deckbuilding: construction, tuning, and sideboarding."

Hedron Crab Vengevine Modern

Once Upon a Vine in Modern

You can’t keep a good Vine down – Vengevine is back, and today Gabe breaks down the CrabVine decks that have taken Modern by storm!

Modern Bant Soulherder Primer

Bant Soulherder is a value engine fueled by a whole host of Modern Horizons cards. Gabe Nassif goes deep on the deck, complete with sideboard guide.

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