Updating Golgari Midrange with Hydroid Krasis

Golgari Midrange was my favorite deck in Guilds of Ravnica Standard. So while a lot of new and exciting decks are out, I can’t leave my pet deck behind.

Hydroid Krasis

Hydroid Krasis is the best card in Ravnica Allegiance, and I’m excited to try it in Golgari Midrange. Krasis is going to replace Carnage Tyrant in the deck. The two cards may seem similar, but they have slightly different roles, and Hydroid Krasis covers the late game much better than Carnage Tyrant.

I played three Leagues with Golgari Krasis—going 5-1, 4-2—and I saw the full power of Hydroid Krasis. I faced Golgari (no blue) six times, going 4-2 against it. The two times I lost were mainly because of Midnight Repear. I didn’t have the card at first, but it’s very important to include it in your 75. Hydroid Krasis flies, provides you some life total, and helps you race.

In a deck with three copies of Find // Finality you shouldn’t be afraid of casting an early Hydra since you will inevitably bring it back. Thanks to Incubation Druid and the many explore cards, you can gain a huge chunk of mana, and Krasis is perfect for that.

I’ve cast Krasis three times for X=10+, and needless to say, I won the game—a game I wouldn’t have won had I had Carnage Tyrant.

You might argue that Carnage Tyrant is better versus control because it’s uncounterable. That’s true, but so is Hydroid Krasis’s ability, which makes every game that goes late versus control decks a nightmare for them.

This is the list I’d play moving forward.

Golgari Krasis

Andrea Mengucci

I saw some lists running Vraska, Golgari Queen, and I believe that the time for little Vraska is over. You need every single one of your lands, and you can’t afford to sacrifice any of them to draw extra cards, making Vraska’s +2 just bad.

I’ve started to love Thrashing Brontodon, especially now that Mono-Red could be stronger than ever, and I might just add a second one back into the deck.

I’m still testing out Hostage Taker. In theory it’s very good against Hydroid Krasis since they can’t get their Krasis back if they kill the Taker, but in practice it’s the same clunky removal spell it has always been, but it’s still easier to cast than Ravenous Chupacabra.

Some may argue there’s too many mana sources, but in my experience I’ve only lost when I’ve gotten mana screwed and never for mana flooding because there are way too many ways to use the extra mana thanks to Find, Vraksa, and now Hydroid Krasis.

The sideboard is designed to beat control, and I did the four times I played against control and TurboFog. The matchup is very bad game 1, and becomes very good game 2. That’s why I don’t think this deck is very good for best-of-one on Arena, but in my opinion it is the strongest deck for best-of-three.

Two of my five losses came from Mono-Blue Tempo, a powerful deck that has an incredibly good matchup against Golgari. Whenever I win even just one game with Golgari in this matchup, I feel like I got super lucky, or like my opponent didn’t draw the right pieces. Many people think it’s the opposite and that Mono-Blue just gets super lucky with their Curious Obsession, but their deck is designed to play out that way, and it has a fantastic matchup against midrange decks such as Golgari. If the deck rises in popularity I will need to add more removal like Cast Down or Dead Weight, but right now I feel like it’s still kept in check by Mono-Red.

I can’t wait to play more Standard and to explore Hydroid Krasis even more!

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