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Rivals of Ixalan: Card Image Gallery

View all of the official spoilers for the new set!

Grand Prix Santa Clara

William Ho, John Martin, and Jeremy Frye took down the Team Trios tournament.

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The Four-and-a-half Immutable Rules of Mana Bases

Mike Flores at Gathering Magic covers the fundamental rules of Magic mana bases.

2017 Retrospective

Mg Kl at Old School MTG writes about the year in Old School.

More New Cards From Magic: The Gathering’s Next Set, Rivals of Ixalan

Charlie Hall at Polygon covers the ascend mechanic from Rivals of Ixalan.

Common Knowledge 8: Power Rankings January 2018

The Common Knowledge Podcast (Brandon and Lobbert) looks at the state of Pauper.


Dinosaur Ramp with Thunderherd Migration

Corey’s brewing hard with Rivals already, and Azor’s Gateway offers plenty of crazy combo possibilities!

Thoughtseizes and Fatal Pushes Part V: Jund

Reid takes a look at where his old favorite Jund stands in the current metagame.

Channel Pardee Time – Modern Blue-Green Evolve

Young Wolf? This ain’t Pauper, kids.

The Legendary Lost Top 8: Top 8 Vaults

Magic TV: Mashi, TBS, and LSV revisit the once lost Top 8 from GP Vegas 2016, Vaults!

How Many Dinosaurs/Pirates Do You Need for Thunderherd Migration or Daring Buccaneer?

Frank runs the numbers.

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