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Going Deep in Standard

After Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, we all worried that Ramunap Red might render the slow decks obsolete. Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer digs into the best hope for the ungainly, flat-footed decks of Standard, the graveyard.

Beating Ramunap Red

If you’ve got a big problem you need to turn to the big guns. Lee Shi Tian identifies the best strengths of the deck to beat, and how to exploit its weaknesses.

The Hazoret of a Lifetime

Yam Wing Chun relives what must be the most difficult moment of his career, a costly misplay in game 5 of the semifinals against PV. He tells the story with good humor and grace, after an experience the rest of us can barely imagine.

Japan Trip & Pro Tour Kyoto Glog #1 / Magic: The Gathering / MTG

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes when the biggest tournament in Magic heads to Japan? Get an inside look from Gaby Spartz and her Pro Tour Hour of Devastation vlog.

How ‘Bout Them Ramunap Ruins?

The key to Red’s dominance at the PT wasn’t in some new hyper-aggressive creature or pushed burn spell, it was its lands. Michael J. Flores and Patrick Chapin at Top Level podcast take a deep dive into what made this red deck special.


Channel Nassif: Standard R/G Ramp

If beating Mono-Red is level 1, beating the decks that beat Mono-Red is level 2. Enter R/G Ramp.

Standard After The Pro Tour

Mashi is joined by TBS to break down Paulo’s big win at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation with Ramunap Red.

Is Mardu or B/G Delirium the Best way to Combat the Metagame?

With aggro everywhere, midrange is perfectly positioned. Be careful though—be wary of decks looking to prey on the midrange resurgence.

G/B Constrictor Deck Guide

Looking for a deck that can take down red? Try the deck that carried Sam Pardee to a 2nd place finish at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation!

Going Green at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation

This Limited format is defined by a transition from the hyper aggression of Amonkhet to the midrange and ramp focus of HOU.

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