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Magic: The Gathering is Becoming an MMO

Exciting news from the digital world of Magic this week, as Cryptic Studios and Perfect World are creating a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Will we be able to walk the multiverse as Jace and Chandra? We’ll find out!

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The Best Card of Each Card Type in Modern!

It’s like a rankings article with only the juiciest part over and over. Kerry Meyerhoff identifies his pick for the #1 enchantment, creature, land, sorcery, instant, planeswalker, and artifact (and Tribal card?) in Modern.

Hour of Leaks: Nicol Bolas, Samut, and Bontu’s Last Reckoning

It was a rough week for somebody on the web team for WotC’s french site, as we were treated to an unintentionally early look at Nicol Bolas, Samut, and a new sweeper from Hour of Devastation. I sympathize—I’ve leaked something early on accident, and once I even accidentally gave away the CFB team deck at Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze (a lapse about which I am eternally embarrassed and reminded of). So, no judgment. Still, we can enjoy imagining the possibilities all the same!Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish writes about the newly spoiled planeswalkers.

The Arbitrarily Large Abzan Company Compendium

Vizier combo is making a big splash as Modern’s newest combo, and Nelson Guilbert at ManaDeprived.com gives it the deep dive it deserves. Even if you’re unacquainted with the archetype, his piece will bring you all the way up to speed in no time.

Hour of Devastation Spoilers: Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh, Samut, the Tested, and Bontu’s Last Reckoning!

If a video’s more your speed, this preview from The Mana Source will give you a quick overview of the 3 spoiled Hour of Devastation cards.

Just Say “No” to Cracking Packs Without Drafting: A Magic the Gathering (MtG) PSA


Tiny Edge #3: Play Exactly 60 Cards

PV explains why if you’re playing even just 61, you’re making a mistake.

‘Cause I’m the Death and Taxman

Prefer to punish the blue players at Grand Prix Vegas rather than cast Brainstorms? Brian shows you how with his Death & Taxes build.

Temur Marvel Deck Guide

Marvel may not be unbeatable, but it’s still a tier 1 deck. Andrea brings you his mirror-ready build and sideboard guide.

Is Modern a Better Format Better Than Standard?

Mashi and Ben Seck get you ready for GP Vegas with a little preview of Modern heading into the event!

Channel Reid: Modern Jund

Test some Modern for GP Vegas with Reid Duke playing, what else? Jund!

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