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Crimson Disco (Old School MTG)

Who needs Sligh? Mg at Old School MTG has a big red deck that packs in old cards that are a blast to play from Fork, to the big Shivan Dragon itself, to even Rukh Egg.

Pauper Top 8 From 2016

You know how we here at ChannelFireball feel about Top 8s! Alex Ullman counts down the 8 most important new commons for Pauper, and #1 definitely made me do a double-take.

Superfriends to the Rescue

Are you feeling a little tired of Standard? If so, you aren’t the only one, but Rick Longo at Pure MTGO has a great solution to late format doldrums: B/W Superfriends.

Keep or Mulligan

One of the reasons I love Keep or Mulligan articles is that every “close” hand offers a number of lessons about the deck, cards, and matchup in question. Jadine Klomparens takes a fresh approach to the format with a quick dive into the different levels on which you need to consider your mulligan: play vs. draw, the matchup, and pre- vs. post-board

The Ice Age: Fallen Empires and The Dark

This one hit close to home for me, since The Brothers’ War was the first time I connected on an intellectual level with this game. Jay13x at MTG Salvation has a great series summarizing the flavor from Magic’s earliest sets, and the most recent edition covers the aftermath of the conflict portrayed in that book, which gave me a great chance to finally catch up!

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

What Can Game Theory Tell Us Will Make a Good Constructed Format?

What makes a great format? Game theory can help inform the answer—luckily, Frank’s an expert in the field.

Kaladesh Archetype Guide: B/W Go-Wide

When Ben Stark mentioned that he’d like to start writing more content, you know I jumped at the chance to have possibly the greatest Drafter of all time writing guides for Limited. Here, Ben gives a quick and dirty guide to everything you need to know about drafting B/W Servos in Kaladesh Limited!

Legacy Guide Part III: Choosing Your Deck

In Legacy, the best approach is to pick a deck and master it. But how do you choose? Reid illuminates the issue in part 3 of his guide.

The Slowly Shifting Legacy Metagame

Required reading for anyone heading to Louisville. BBD neatly summarizes only the most important developments in Legacy over the past 6 months.

The Decks to Beat in Frontier

We’re having a little fun exploring the new format Frontier here over the next week, and it all starts with this piece from Brian DeMars which will give you the basics of the format, and what the top tier looks like in the early days.

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