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The Top 10 Magic the Gathering Players of all Time

I’m not sure what LSV would think of this methodology, given his position on it, but this list has been the subject of ongoing debate throughout the history of Magic. Cody Carmichael from Gazette Review covers the 10 highest career-earning Magic players.

Weekly Update (Oct 30): Commander 2016 Decklists, Emrakul & Progenitus Promos

Get all 5 of the Commander 2016 deck lists from mtggoldfish, and take a look at the new Grand Prix promos.

Rebuttal to The Lifestyle of the Professional Magic: the Gathering Player

Gerry Thompson takes to Reddit to explain why he loves being a Magic Pro.

MTA Cast Pro Tour Hawaii Vlog and Top 8 Magic Lists for Magic: the Gathering

Meagan and Maria of MTAcast at Tolarian Community College recap the Pro Tour, and revisit their interviews with some of the Pros from the event.


Vintage Champs Survival Guide

Paul Mastriano of Vintage Magic wrote up a great primer on Vintage before Vintage Champs which is as useful after the event as before it.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Dwarves and Vehicles at PT Kaladesh 10th

With a deck 20 years in the making, Reid finally took the Dwarf tribe into a Pro Tour.

Team Unified Modern Primer Part 1

Team Unified Modern’s new rules offer some unique deck building challenges, and Frank analyzes the possible overlap across every archetype.

Paul Cheons Pro Tour Kaladesh Vlog

Paul Cheon flew to Hawaii for Pro Tour Kaladesh, and recorded every step of his journey.

The Top 3 Decks in Standard

If you’re not playing one of these decks, you’d better have a plan to beat them.

Magic TV: Top 8 One-Hit Wonders

I may be a little biased, since I made this list. We ranked the 8 greatest one hit wonders in Magic Pro Tour history.

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