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Modern Bans Reaction

Piotr Glogowski at Hareruya looks at how Modern will change in a post-ban, post-Theros-Beyond-Death world.

Breaking Down Golgari Yawgmoth

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer examines the newest Modern deck: Golgari Yawgmoth.

The Return of Mono-Black Devotion

With Gray Merchant back, you knew someone would have to try it. Jim Davis at CoolStuffInc has a new version of Mono-Black Devotion for Theros Beyond Death.

MTG Jeff: Devoted to Heliod – Competitive Mono-White Deck in TBD Standard

MTGJeff at The Mana Base has a new take on WW.

Theros Beyond Death Limited Overview and Sealed Guide

Compulsion at MTGAZone take an initial pass at Theros Beyond Death Limited.

Best of CFB

Thassa Is Busted

Martin Juza

Vintage Cube Draft | LSV


The Weirdest Creature Types in Magic: The Gathering | MTG Countdown

Riley Knight

Ranking The Best Archetypes & Commons in Theros Beyond Death Limited

Reid Duke

Vintage Cube Draft | Gaby Spartz

Gaby Spartz


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