This Week in Magic

This Week in Magic

GP Minneapolis

Justin Plocher ‘Gaaked his way to victory in Minneapolis 

Hogaak, Justin Plocher

From Around the Web

‘Magic: The Gathering’ Drastically Updates Competitive Play Strategy in 2020

Lauren Orsini at Forbes looks at the new Path to Pro. 


How Does the Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering Do His Job?

Jordan Wiesman of the Working Podcast interviews Mark Rosewater. 


Orzhov Vampire conquers Magic: The Gathering Pearl Division in MPL

Danny Foster at DotEsports looks at how Vampires is dominating the MPL. 


Solving Standard – Mardu Angels

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer has a new standard deck. 


Mythic Championship IV Report from MTG Arena Champion!

Matias Leveratto at Hareruya looks at how he won the mythic championship. 


Best of CFB

Magic Esports Just Leveled Up

Matt Sperling

The Complete Guide to Modern Jund

Reid Duke

Standard Deck Guide: Gruul Dinosaurs

Frank Karsten

Vampires – Standard | Channel Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Mining Modern: Mono-Red Token Storm with Corbin Hosler

Corbin Hosler 

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