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Bant Knightfall – The Best Jace Deck

Early reviews of Jace in Modern have been… mixed. But maybe control is the wrong place to look. Kelvin Chew at MTGMintCard believes Bant Knightfall is the right home for Magic’s greatest planeswalker.

Deck Evolutions: Hollow One (Modern)

How did Hollow One go from a fringe archetype to Top 8 of a Pro Tour? SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish traces the development of the archetype from its inception to the RNG powerhouse it is now.

What Can Science Teach Us About Magic: the Gathering? – Epic Experiment

Every time you draft, it’s like running an experiment. How you make use of your results can fundamentally affect your chances of success. Katie Roberts at ManaLeak has a novel take on adopting the scientific method to level up your game.

Jund with Bloodbraid Elf (Videos)

Craig Wescoe apparently misread Bloodbraid Elf’s casting cost and did not realize it isn’t a white card.

Scifi Author Martha Wells Is Bringing Magic: The Gathering Back to Where It All Began

James Whitbrook at io9 interviews Dominaria head writer Martha Wells.


Removal in Standard

If you’re going to keep up in Standard, you’re going to need to prepare for the unique threats in the format.

How Reliable Is Hollow One?

Frank runs the numbers.

Should the Dryad Arbor from FTV: Realms be Banned?

This specific version of Dryad Arbor has been confusing people and causing problems at Magic tournaments for a while now. Should Wizards of the Coast finally just drop the hammer on it?

Sultai Delver – Legacy | Channel Mengucci

Play fair with Andrea as he guides you through a Legacy queue on Magic Online with Sultai!

Rivals of Ixalan Archetype Primer: U/W Ascend, W/R Control, and W/B of All Kinds

To master Rivals of Ixalan Draft you need to learn to value context correctly, and Joel shows you how with W/B, W/R, and U/W to start!

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